I can talk about relationships

I can talk about relationships

 Luyện thi IELTS với RES nhé!!!

Trước tiên, chúng mình đọc qua 1 đoạn văn của Jane nói về mối quan hệ gia đình của cô ấy hai năm trước nhé


A.     Difficult relationships.

When I married Vince, he already had two daughters from his first marriage, and they took an instant dislike to me. Theyresented me being in their home, and their ignored me or were openly hostile. The neighbours didn’t help either – nice enough to my face but not so complimentary behind my back. It was a tough time, and inevitably it put a strain on my ralationship with Vince. Fortunately, he stick up for me when the kids were difficult, and as time went by, things settled down a bit. Now, two years on…

Thuật ngữ:
1.Take an instant dislike to somebody: dislike somebody as soon as you meet them.
2. resent sb /rɪˈzɛnt/  feel anger sbout something àresentful (adj)à resentment (N)
3. hostile  /ˈhɒstʌɪl/ unfriendly and aggressive à hostility (N)
4. to sb’s face: directly.
5. complimentary  /kɒmplɪˈmɛnt(ə)ri/  (about something): saying nice things about sb
àcompliment sb on st; pay sb a compliment.
6. behind sb’s back: say something about sb without their knowledge, and usually it bad or unkind.
7. inevitably  /ɪˈnɛvɪtəbli, ɪnˈɛvɪtəbli/:  certain to happen.
8. put a strain on sb/st: create pressure and anxiety for sb.
9. stick up for sb: support and defend sb if they are criticized.
10. as time went by: over a period of time.
11. settle down: become calmer and more relaxed.
12. tough có nhiều nghĩa khác nhau:
– difficult: It’s a tough decision.  He had a tough childhood.
– strict: tough new driving laws.
– able to deal with difficult situations: She’ll be OK – she’s tough.

B. Successful relationships.

Sau hai năm, mọi thứ với Jane đã tiến triển khá tốt đẹp. Hãy xem cô ấy nói gì về gia đình hiện tại nhé.

Now, two years on, things are looking up Initially the kids were reluctant to accept me and made things difficult, but I gave up work to spend more time with them, and that’s helped to create a closer bond. I’ve gained their respect in other ways, too – they are prepared to confide in me now, especially the younger one. Vince and I still have our ups and downs – who doesn’t? – but I know he appreciates the sacrifices I have made, and the way things are now, I am feeling optimistic.
Thuật ngữ:

  1. Things: used to talk about a situation or life in general ( the way things are; make things difficult; how are things?)
  2. Look up: start to become better.
  3. Initially /ɪˈnɪʃ(ə)li/: in the beginning  vào lúc đầu, ban đầu
  4. Reluctant /rɪˈlʌkt(ə)nt/ miễn cưỡng not wanting to do st à reluctance (N)
  5. Bond /bɒnd/ mối quan hệ dựa trên việc chia sẻ cảm xúc và trải nghiệm.
  6. Confide in sb: tin tưởng ai đó
  7. Ups and downs: a mixture of good and bad things in life or a relationship.
  8. Make a sacrifice: hy sinh điều gì đó.