IELTS Actual Test 09.09.2017 (with Sample Paragraph)

IELTS Actual Test 09.09.2017 (with Sample Paragraph)

Task 1:

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

The map below is of the town of Canterbury. A new school (S) is planned for the area. The map shows two possible sites for the school.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words.



The map shows two possible locations for a new school in the town of Canterbury.
It is clear from the diagram that between the two proposed sites is that the first site (S1) is in the countryside, while the second site (S2) is situated in the heart of the town center.

According to the map, S1 is outside the town to the northeast of Canterbury, but is within access to the housing zone. In, S2 is also surrounded by a residential area. However, it is located in the town center. Neither of the proposed sites is within close vicinity to the University, located in the North and close to the town while also bordering the countryside.
There are two main roads from Chartham and Sturry leading to Canterbury town center. However, there is a central no traffic zone, situated in the center which would make S2 inaccessible to reach by car.

Additionally, the town of Sturry is only 5 kilometers from S1 along the main road. S2 is an ideal location for the population coming from Chartham, and it is also accessible by the main road.

S1 is the only proposed site located adjacent to the main road.


(198 words)



Task Achievement –


Coherence and Cohesion – 8

Lexical Resource – 9

Grammatical Range and Accuracy – 8


The requirements of the task are met, and there is a clear overview and good illustration of key features. More explicit use of directions would have improved the task.

There is flexible use of cohesive features [while | which | Additionally | also] and paragraphing is used appropriately. The message cannot be followed effortlessly due to a lapse in paragraph 2 [In, S2…]

Vocabulary is used with flexibility and precision [proposed sites | situated in the center | accessible by the main road]. There are no obvious lapses in appropriacy.

A wide range of structures is evidenced [situated in the heart of the town center | which would make S2 inaccessible]. There is an obvious mistake in the second sentence that affects communication […that between the two proposed sites is that…].



Task 2:

Anybody can use a mobile phone to answer the work and personal calls at any time or 7 days a week. Does this development have more positive or negative effects on both individuals and society?

Nowadays, it is true that the prevalence of advanced technologies, especially the advent of cell phones, has transformed human life in a profound and fundamental way. Nowadays, while many people are inclined to take advantage of telephones to function in work or to make personal phone calls day around, I hold a belief that although there are some negatives which exist, overall the benefits outweigh these.

On the one hand, people continue to reap considerable benefits from this phenomenon of smart phone technology. With the help of these handsets, people can and interact with their friends and colleagues, make new connections in places regardless of the distance by which they are separated. By doing this, individuals can strengthen their relationship with acquaintances or relatives as well as contribute to creating a close-knit community in the virtual world. In addition, cell phones enable people to boost their productivity, especially in case of their occupation and when they are not in the workplace. Smart phones can be used to check email or do video conferencing so that they can deal with these troubles instantaneously. Finally, telecommunication companies, in particular and a large workforce make huge gains financially from the charges users pay for 3G, 4G services or telecommunication services, in general.

On the other hand, there are still some potential drawbacks when we as a society, increase our dependence on telephones round the clock. Firstly, the overuse of cell phones for communication and entertainment use may give rise to a lack of social interaction, in particular face to face communication. For example, instead of making an appointment to meet close friends or clients in person, people use telephones and as such, sacrifice the chance to have a more intimate bond and relationship with people. Moreover, serious medical issues have proven to of affected people in terms of eye health because people are glued to their Smartphone or handheld device all day. As a result, many individuals, young people in general are suffering hidden damage to their health. In addition to this, many fully proven arguments exist in relation to tumor growth, attention disorder development continue to be highlighted as drawbacks and a negative development in the overuse of handheld devices.  

In conclusion, although portable handset phones cause some problems to users, it is clear that the benefits of these technical gadgets are still undeniable.




Task Response –


Coherence and Cohesion – 8

Lexical Resource – 8

Grammatical Range and Accuracy – 8


A clear and well developed response is presented, addressing all parts of the task. Nothing could be reasonably added to improve the answer.

Cohesion is well managed, and there is a clear overall progression. It is not used in a way that attracts no attention, and there is some reliance on sequencers and other devices at the start of sentences [Firstly | For example | Moreover…]

Lexical resource is wide in range and used flexibly throughout. There are some errors [all day around | proven to of affected people] that prevent a Band 9 rating.

There is a wide range of structures and most sentences are error-free. Some sentences have errors [people can and interact | in particular and a large workforce] resulting in a Band 8 rating.