IELTS Actual Test 12/05/2018 - Đề thi chính thức và đáp án phần Writing IELTS tại IDP ngày 12/05/2018

IELTS Actual Test 12/05/2018 - Đề thi chính thức và đáp án phần Writing IELTS tại IDP ngày 12/05/2018

Task 1: 

The diagram shows the consumption of renewable energy in the USA from 1949-2008.

Write a 150-word report for a university lecturer identifying the main trends and making comparisons where relevant.


The line graph displays the United States usage of renewable energy during the period of 1949 to 2008. Overall, it can be clearly seen that the total consumption of renewable power generation rose significantly during the period even though there were several drops within this fluctuating trend and the major sources included hydroelectric power, wood, biofuels, and wind.

Hydroelectric power started at well under 2 quadrillion btu and fluctuated erratically over the period to end just over 2 quadrillion. It experienced 3 significant dips during the late 1970s, late 1980s, and early 2000s periods which correlated with dips in the total consumption trend.

Wood remained flat at under 2 quadrillion btu until it rose above this level in the 1980s before gently falling and stagnating at around the 2 quadrillion mark.

Biofuels and wind arrived and rose to prominence in the 1980s and grew steadily into the 21st century whereby they then soared to approximately just over 1 and just under 1 quadrillion btu, respectively.

In summary, hydroelectric power grew moderately while biofuels and wind consumption soared all the while wood stagnated with very slight growth at the end of the period.

Word Count: 192




Task 2: Some people think that a huge amount of time and money is spent on the protection of wild animals, and that this money could be better spent on the human population.To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

These days , the general criteria of a model employee to any successful organisation is one of confidence , skill and discipline. Considering the competition in market with far more people attending University these days, employers put strong focus on selecting competent individuals for any position with a view of the long term, as an investment. In my opinion , I agree with the idea that employers who give more importance to highly qualified individuals rather than candidates with more personal life experience and I will give reasons in the following paragraphs.

Highly qualified individuals have generally , mostly all experienced both sides on their way to academic qualification. Firstly, it is quite convenient and efficient to train an individual graduated from a well-known university as his or hers history at third-level education directly reflect the level of intelligence and ability. In addition to that, university education also includes some practical lessons in the classroom or as vocational training in companies which gives experience to a student about what is real life. A successfully qualified student knows deeply the value of morals, integrity and time management necessary in any functional society. For instance, study in hospitality includes dedicated training in hotels and a student needs to follow strict timetables to complete the course with excellent grades. So, it is always best to select a qualified professional from such fields as he or she has all qualities of hard work, time management, honesty and humanity.

Although a person with more personal life experience and moral values built and developed through working trustworthy individuals can be advantageous to any organisation, all real life experiences are not necessary in business and it is not necessary that person with more experience is more intelligent. For example a unqualified mechanic with 10 years of experience may not be able to understand current market strategies while a qualified mechanical engineer can create business strategies according to current market needs and also can communicate well with clients. So, employers should prefer applicant with high education and aptitudes. In addition, people who have spent a large proportion of their time in the ‘real-world’ can offer more dynamic solutions and insight when presented with a particular problem.

To conclude, having real life experiences and following values can make someone an ideal human being but when it comes to business, a person with more qualifications should be preferred as they are the ones with perfect combination of intelligence, humanity, creativity and experience to solve critical problems that may arise in business.