IELTS Actual Test 23/06/2018 - Đề thi chính thức và đáp án phần Writing IELTS tại IDP ngày 23/06/2018

IELTS Actual Test 23/06/2018 - Đề thi chính thức và đáp án phần Writing IELTS tại IDP ngày 23/06/2018

Task 1:

The table below shows sales made by a coffee shop in an office building on a typical weekday. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant. 

» You should write at least 150 words.



The diagram reveals average weekday monetary transactions of a coffee shop in a corporate facility. Overall, coffee and pastries were the biggest sellers most of the time and 7:30-10:30am was the busiest time period.

Starting with the busiest period of 7:30-10:30am, it can be clearly seen that coffee and pastries were the most popular items sold at 265 and 275, respectively. This was followed by sales of tea and sandwiches at 110 and 50 units, subsequently.

Lunchtime (10:30am-2:30pm) was the second most profitable time and reveals sandwiches being dominant at 200, followed by coffee at 185, pastries at 95, and tea at 50 units. Late lunch to early evening (2:30-5:30pm) witnessed a significant dip in everything except pastries and was the least busy period with pastries and coffee selling 150 and 145 units respectively while tea and sandwiches accounted for just 35 and 40 units on average.

The dinner time hours of 5:30-8:30pm saw everything rise again save pastries with coffee and sandwich sales at 200 and 110 and tea and pastries at 75 and 80.

In summary, coffee was the most popular and stable commodity on average while the other 3 sold less and their transactions fluctuated more.

Words: 199


Task 2:  Some people believe that the fast pace and stress of modern life is having a negative effect on families. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

The world seems to be moving ever faster due to technological progress and development and this does not look like a trend that is going to change. There are those that feel this has negative repercussions on families and I empathize with this sentiment and will elaborate further.

The continuous development of technology creates more possibilities and responsibilities for everyone. First, as more hardware is developed, both parents and children feel the urge to invest in necessary devices to advance their goals and comfort. An example of this is attaining the latest computers in the form of smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Although these unleash immense brainpower and fulfill untapped potential they ultimately preoccupy people and create barriers in families due to less face to face contact which leads to communication lapses and stress. Furthermore, the immense amount of applications add more fuel to this fire as they keep people engaged in a continuously growing digital world which is replacing time families once spent together.

Money and financial security are also significant drivers of family breakdown in this modern fast paced world. To begin, it takes money to purchase nearly everything in our lives and families must often split up to pursue adequate financial opportunities. A common occurrence of this is children pursuing education and career opportunities that are far away from their family. This has negative repercussions as there is less time spent together and this trend is reinforced in the next generation. Additionally, this often happens early as youngsters often leave for a tertiary education or occupation in their teenage years.

In sum, the influence, fast pace, and power of technology and money are leading to less time spent in families and more time spent in the digital world and in pursuing economic interests.  If this phenomenon is left unaddressed it will lead to more negative consequences for families in the future.

Words: 313