IELTS essay:  accommodation and transport

IELTS essay:  accommodation and transport

Accommodation and transport problems are increasing in many large cities. Businesses are encouraged to move to rural areas. Do advantages outweigh disadvantages?

 The movement of organizations from urban areas to less-developed provinces is a solution to various municipal problems, but we cannot turn a blind eye to the shortcomings of this trend. The essay will clarify both sides of the coin, and demonstrate my view that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

 On the one hand, it is absurd to say that an organization can easily move from a major city to the countryside without suffering any losses. A change in terms of position may cost a firm, for example, a reduction in the quality of its workforce. Not every employee is willing to resettle down in a faraway province, and they prefer seeking another career in the metropolis to maintain their current living standards. The enterprise, to handle such risk of brain drain, would have to hire local workers who are normally less competent. The expenses for their prerequisite training courses are significant, but an improvement in their professional performance would still not be guaranteed.

 On the other hand, I believe that the advantages of this scenario are more important. Firstly, such relocation of organizations can reduce the population density in the urban areas. As a result, the influx of workers traveling in rush hours which causes traffic congestion would disappear. Secondly, the movement of companies’ headquarters makes way for the construction of more residential areas, so the citizens would no longer have to live in narrow houses and apartments anymore. Finally, factories carry along with them modern production lines to the suburban areas, hence the rural population might have access to such cutting-edge technological advancements, which have been by no means close to them ever.

 In conclusion, I believe that governments should encourage companies to move to rural areas because of the mentioned considerable benefits.

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Các từ vựng tốt:

Municipal: Relating to a town or district or its governing body (thuộc về thành phố). Ví dụ: national and municipal elections, municipal offices.

Shortcoming: A fault or failure to meet a certain standard, typically in a person’s character, a plan, or a system (nhược điểm). Ví dụ: he discussed the shortcomings of his wife.

Metropolis: The capital or chief city of a country or region, a very large and busy city (thành phố lớn). Ví dụ: he preferred the peaceful life of the countryside to the bustle of the metropolis.

Brain drain: The emigration of highly trained or qualified people from a particular country (chảy máu chất xám). Ví dụ: a leading British team of chemists has joined the brain drain to the US.

Competent: Having the necessary ability, knowledge, or skill to do something successfully (tài giỏi). Ví dụ: a highly competent surgeon

Prerequisite: Required as a prior condition (bắt buộc). Ví dụ: the student must have the prerequisite skills.

Density: The degree of compactness of a substance (mật độ, độ dày)

Influx: An arrivial or entry of large numbers of people or things (dòng). Ví dụ: a massive influx of tourists.

Cutting-edge: Highly advanced and pioneering (đột phá). Ví dụ: cutting-edge technology.