IELTS essay : Success From Luck

Whether or not someone achieves their aims in life is mostly by a question of luck. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

The success of someone is always an inspirational story. It LIFTS YOUR SPIRIT. It might also make you and others think that achievements someone earned primarily come from luck. From my perspective, however, GETTING TO SUCCESS IS NEVER A STRAIGHT LINE , but a rough path. In this essay, I will lend more details to this point of view. 

It is undeniable that some people are born lucky when they grow up in an affluent family. They may inherit a large legacy from their ancestors, and thus becoming rich without needing to work hard. Therefore, there is a widely held view among a number of people that COUNTING ON LUCK, then success will come. But you seem to forget one thing: OPPORTUNITY DOES NOT KNOCK TWICE. In other words, wealthy family, inborn talent and the like are merely initial advantages. If someone does not know how to make use of these advantages, he would be unable to achieve his aims as a result. 

There is one PARADOX that those who are believed to be lucky and successful seldom count on fortune. Instead, they make good fortune find them by working tirelessly, widening relationships as well as bravely facing challenges in life. Take Oprah Winfrey, for example, who has been known as Queen of All Media. Before becoming one of the most influential women, she herself UNDERWENT A LOT OF BITTER FAILURES in her career path. If, in those days, she had not stayed positive and moved on, she would not have been highly successful like nowadays. Accordingly, outsiders may contend he or she is so lucky, but as for insiders, success is SWEATY EXPERIENCE.

To conclude, success based on luck is TEMPORARY ONE. Therefore, only by constantly attempting, can you shape your own success in the long run.

Từ vựng đặc sắc 

-Lift your spirit (v): Nâng tinh thần của bạn lên 

-Getting to success is never a straight line: Thành công không bao giờ là một con đường thẳng 

-Count on luck (v): Hy vọng vào vận may, đợi chờ vận may 

-Opportunity does not knock twice: Cơ hội chỉ đến một lần

-Paradox (n): Nghịch lý 

-Undergo a lot of bitter failures (v): Trải qua nhiều thất bại cay đắng trong cuộc đời 

-Sweaty experience (n): Trải nghiệm đầy gian khó 

-Temporary success (n): Thành công nhất thời