IELTS Letter Writing : Complain about the noise from your house flat

IELTS Letter Writing : Complain about the noise from your house flat


Your neighbours have recently written to you to complain about the noise from your house flat.

Write a letter to your neighbours. In your letter explain the reasons for the noise apologize.

Describe what action you will take.

Dear John,

Hope you are doing great. I'm extremely surprised to get a letter from you indicating that you're immensely annoyed to hear some sound, which is produced from my flat. Indeed, I've no idea that you'll be able to hear this enormous amount of sound.

 However, as you know, some days ago, a glass of my window in the kitchen room was broken while some children were playing cricket in front of my flat. That is why I'm trying to refit the window in the evening time when I come back from office. It takes long time because I have no experience about this work and it's still not finished.

 Unfortunately, I thought that the sound will not reach to your home but it eventually did as per your claim. Since you have confronted many problems due to the noise, I apologies for this matter. Moreover, I promise this sound will no longer appear from today.

 As the work is still not finished, I have decided that a professional worker will be called, who will work in the day time and the work would be finished within two days.

 Once again, I'm extremely sorry for any inconvenience that might have happened for me.

 Best Regards,