IELTS Speaking – IDEAS for Solution Questions


Một mối lo không hề nhỏ của các bạn luyện thi ielts là vào phòng thi ielts speaking không có ý gì để nói, phải không nào :'( ? 

1. What are the possible solutions for waste disposal?
– Composting waste (organic waste: food waste, animal waste, yard waste,…)
– Recycling waste (paper, tin, aluminum, plastic,…)
– Buying environmentally friendly products

2. How can teachers help in preventing high school dropouts?
– Providing alternative schooling: for example vocational school for students who don’t plan to go to college
– Giving individualized attention: for students who are struggling and falling behind their peers
– Emphasizing the importance of education: most career require a high school diploma

3. What solutions can you suggest to solve problems caused by the internet?
– Governments: Adequate legislation and controls for young people (More complex website access criteria)
– Parents: Monitor children and restrict access (Use a computer program)
– Companies: Improve IT security systems

4. What are some of the possible solutions to deal with drug abuse?
– Society: Intervene in media (prevent the act of glorifying or romanticizing the use of drugs)
– Users: Begin treatment (both behavioral therapy interventions and medications)

5. How can governments help people reduce their environmental footprint?
– implement price incentives (people use less water/generate less waste if they have to pay for it)
– supply environmentally sound public services (good public transport => drive less; satisfactory quality of tap water => less likely to buy bottled water)

6. What can parents do to help their children succeed in school?
– volunteer at their children’s school and/or join the school’s parent-teacher group
– monitor their children’s television, video game, and Internet use

7. If you were the government, what would you do to improve the transportation problems in your city?
– implement pricing strategies/increase the costs of driving and parking
– implement traffic calming (create a more livable neighborhood, decrease automobile dependency)