IELTS Speaking Part 3 – IDEAS for Disadvantage Questions

IELTS Speaking Part 3 – IDEAS for Disadvantage Questions

Một mối lo không hề nhỏ của các bạn đang học ielts là vào phòng thi không có ý gì để nói nhất là phần ielts speaking part 3, phải không nào?
Nhưng với loạt bài IDEAS for ielts speaking thì nỗi lo đó của các bạn luyện thi ielts sẽ trở thành dĩ vãng. Nên còn chờ gì nữa mà không đọc kĩ post này để tăng cường kỹ năng speaking ielts đặc biệt là part 3 cho mình nhỉ!



IDEAS for Disadvantage Questions

1. What are the disadvantages of studying foreign languages?

  • can be expensive (especially for college courses or private tutoring)
  • is challenging (different systems of grammar, different alphabet and different sounds, hard to learn thousands of new vocabulary words)

2. What are the disadvantages of students using facebook?

  • Facebook’s bad influences on students results (addicted to Facebook -> uncontrolled time spent being on-line -> lose concentration on studies -> fail to complete school tasks)
  • Dangerous acquaintance (unaware of the company through facebook accounts -> various possible issues)

3. What are the disadvantages of studying abroad?

  • feel homesick -> may be stressed out -> may turn to alternatives to overcome stress such as alcohol or drugs consumption, entertainment -> distracted studies
  • expensive cost of living -> financial burden on both the individual and family

4. What are the disadvantages of email communication?

  • impersonal communication (indirect communication -> easy to misunderstand each other + easy to forget there are people involved in the transaction -> affect customer service)
  • time-consuming (less time to compose and send -> easily receive more emails -> more time to read through and organizing)

5. What are the disadvantages of eating out in restaurants?

  • You might accidently eat something you are allergic to
  • The restaurant might be crowded so you’ll have to wait FOREVER to get your food
  • The price of the dish might be too high compared to the price of the ingredients

6. What are the disadvantages of living in the countryside?

  • less interesting things to do in your free time
  • less job opportunities and lower pay
  • limited access to the hospitals, schools, police stations and shops

7. What are the disadvantages of advertising?
Everything has its two sides and advertising is not the exception. It can be used to manipulate people as it
tries to convince people that purchasing a certain product will make them feel happy or will improve their life. Most advertisements use glamour, or models to deliver their message, not real people to create a false sense of perfection and it is not healthy exposing people, especially the young, to that repeatedly.

8. What are the disadvantages of shopping in supermarkets?

  • less fresh products compared to traditional markets’ goods
  • usually are crowded at weekends
    (many shops then -> waiting a long time in queues -> too time-consuming)
  • account for a lot of carbon footprint
    (products delivered by trucks -> increasing carbon emissions)

9. What are the disadvantages of having a fixed daily routine?

  • our lives become boring
    (doing the same stuff for all the time -> leading to disappointment and probably losing willingness to live)
  • cause a false sense of safety
    (making mistakes because not enough attention is paid doing routine activities)

10. What are the disadvantages of e-learning?

  • learners with low motivation or bad study habits may fall behind (without the routine structures of a traditional class, students may get lost or confused about course activities and deadlines)
  • students may feel isolated from the instructor and classmates
  • slow Internet connections or older computers may make accessing course materials frustrating
  • managing computer files and online learning software can sometimes seem complex for students with beginner-level computer skills
  • hands-on or lab work is difficult to simulate in a virtual classroom

11. What are the disadvantages of alternative energy?

  • no constant supply (solar energy only generated in areas that receive ample sunlight, wind energy only generated when windmills receive wind supply without any obstruction,…)
  • implementing issues and expensive to use (require complex-built systems)
  • others (windmills cause noise pollution, bio-fuel ruins engines faster, hydro power damages the surrounding environment,…)

12. What are the negative effects of reading books?

  • reading is boring
    (mandatory reading in school = difficult literary classics like Shakespeare -> bore people
    more exciting options to unwind = playing sports, games, watching movies,…)
  • reading is a time waster
    (audio books, movies adaptation -> less time spent on getting similar content from reading books)
  • books take up lots of room and require careful storage, use up natural resources and energy in their production

13. What are the disadvantages of examinations?

  • poor predictive quality (judge a student’s ability under set conditions and limited time)
  • encourage teaching to focus on a specific exam -> limit learners to a set range of knowledge and skills -> provide little educational benefits