IELTS Speaking – Tự nhiên hóa bài nói bằng Fluency Markers

IELTS Speaking – Tự nhiên hóa bài nói bằng Fluency Markers


Các cụm từ nối (fluency markers) đóng vai trò rất quan trọng trong IELTS Speaking. Chúng giúp cho phần nói của các bạn tự nhiên và trôi chảy hơn so với việc chỉ liệt kê các câu và ý. Ngoài ra fluency markers cũng giúp người nói có thêm chút thời gian chuẩn bị cho nội dung trả lời chính.

 • Actually/ In fact/ To be honest/ To tell the truth/ I must admit that… • Well, I guess/ Well I suppose… • And so on/ That sort of thing… • I’m afraid that … • What I mean (by this) is…/ I mean,…



Q: What do you do to keep fit?

A1: Nothing special, I’m afraid… I mean… when I was young, I used to do quite a lot of running and things ….and I did a bit of sport when I was a school-boy… But to be honest,… I’m quite busy now and just hardly find any spare time for physical activities…

A2: Not much, I’m afraid….. I must admit that I don’t fancy doing any kind of exercise… Of course,…. I had to do some when I was at school,…. and I used to be quite good at football, actually. But these days, I would rather spend my time reading, going out with friends or studying and so on.

Q: Do you like reading?


A: Well, to tell the truth…. I’m not much of a bookworm….. I mean, sometimes I’m just crazy about reading something …..and could spend almost a day reading a book or a novel…. and so on….. However, in fact, there were also times when I just didn’t do any reading at all for even a couple of months.