IELTS writing task 2: Walking  

IELTS writing task 2: Walking  

 Fewer and fewer people walk on a daily basis. What are the reasons and how to encourage them to spend their time walking?

People seem to be increasingly reluctant to have a walk regularly. As there are certain causes of such a trend, some solutions are also available to urge people to walk more.

Amongst the reasons for the lack of people’s interest in the walking activity, the convenience of modern technology in travelling and the boredom of walking activity are the two significant ones. Firstly, some technological applications which support travelling such as electric lifts and escalators are very common in public places. These devices help people to move to the higher levels of a building more easily and quickly than using the stairs, so people would feel unnecessary to walk. Secondly, walking for exercise can seem monotonous to many people because they have to repeat a series of actions every day, unlike going to the gym where they can use different exercising machines; additionally, it is less boring to train with and talk to other members at the gym.

In order to raise people’s interest in walking, there are some workable solutions to be adopted. To begin with, walking the stairs can be made a more enjoyable experience by adding some attractive decorations to them. For example, some 3D painting artists can be hired to paint their eye-catching works of art on the walls and the stair cases, which may make people excited to use the stairs the next time. In addition, companies can offer some incentives such as free gym membership to the employees who use the stairs instead of the lift. They can also hold a company event in form of a walking competition with prizes to promote the benefits of walking for health.

In conclusion, people dislike walking for several reasons, and this problem of inactivity can be addressed with some measures suggested.

Từ vựng :

-To be reluctant to do something: ngại ngùng làm việc gì đó.

-Monotonous: never changing and therefore boring (đơn điệu).

Ví dụ: a monotonous voice/diet/routine.

-Eye-catching: immediately noticeable because it is particularly interesting, bright or attractive (bắt mắt). Ví dụ: an eye-catching advertisement