Kiểm Tra Trình Độ Tiếng Anh

    QUESTION 1 - 10

    1. Jenny has a job that pays $8 per hour plus tips (t). Jenny worked for 4 hours on Monday and made $65 in all. Which equation could be used to find t, the amount Jenny made in tips? (1)
    2. A board 79 inches long is cut into 3 pieces. The second piece is 5 inches longer than the first. The third piece is twice as long as the second. If x represents the length of the first piece, then which equation can be used to determine the length of the first piece? (2)
    3. (3) by the roaring thunder, the baby burst out crying
    4. We can’t go outside (4) the rain stops
    5. It (5) when we arrived at the ski centre.
    6. If she (6) doing more homework, she will easily pass her exams
    7. My uncle arrived (7) yesterday afternoon
    8. I don’t enjoy (8) to school in the winter
    9. My mum has never eaten sushi before and (9)
    10. The hotel room was (10) hot for me to sleep.