Kinh nghiệm luyện Speaking Part 1 (p.3)

Kinh nghiệm luyện Speaking Part 1 (p.3)

Luyện thi IELTS với RES nhé!!!

Kinh nghiệm luyện Speaking Part 1 (p.3)

Kinh nghiệm luyện speaking Topic : Television (TV)

A, Do you watch television a lot?
B, What do you usually watch on television?
C, What are the most popular shows in your country?
D, What kind of shows do you like to watch?
E, Do you think state or private television is better?
F, What are some advantages of television ?
G, What are some of the disadvantages of TV?
H, What did you last watch on TV ?
I, Why do you think certain TV showare so popular?
K, Why do people watching TV?
 Kinh nghiệm luyện Speaking Part 1 (p.3)

Kinh nghiệm luyện speaking Topic  Topic: Education

A, Do you work or are you a student?
B, What kind of your favorite subject?
C, What do you like most about this subject ?
D, What’s the most interesting aspect of your subject?
E, What do you plan to do when you finish studying ?
F, Should goverments spend more on education than they do at present ?
G, Should parents choose their child’s future profession, or should students be free to make their own decisions ?
H, Do you agree that the gorvenment should provide free education to all people?
I, What do you think are the most important subjects at school?
J, Which subject do you think should be eliminated ?
K, Do you think there is too much pressure on young people at school these days?
L, Do you know anyone who attended a private school?
M, Do private schools offer higher quality education or are they just presstigious?
N, How many students were in your biggest class? How many in your smallest class? Do you prefer small classes or big classes ?
O, Does your country provide a good public school system?
P, Did you skip school very often?
Q, Didyour classmates talk to each other much before or after class?

Kinh nghiệm luyện Speaking Part 1 (p.3)

Kinh nghiệm luyện speaking Topic : Technology

Trong chủ đề này, mình sẽ gợi ý một số câu trả lời. Những từ cần thiết cho chủ đề này đã được gạch chân, các bạn chú ý nhé :
A, Do you ẹnjoy using technology?
– Well, … I wouldn’t call myseft a technie or a computer buff but I enjoy using computers… I’d like to find out more about how they work… when my computer crashes I never know what to do.
B, Do you have your own computer?
– Yes, I have an Ipad. I use it all the time for word processing, browsing website and catching up with TV programmes I’ve missed.
C, Do you use a computer at school or at home? I use my Ipad at home, because when I come to school, I’m not allowed to use any technique during classes.
Dưới đây là những đáp án chỉ ra các câu hơi chưa phù hợp lắm cho Speaking part 1. Tuy vậy, hầu hết trong chúng vẫn có thể được đưa vào, khi giám khảo thấy bạn còn khả năng nói tiếp.
Chúc các bạn thành công !
Đáp án:
1. E, K
2. F, G , H, K , O.

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