Speaking part 1: Building

Speaking part 1: Building

 1. What types of building are there in your city?

Well, when it comes to my city, a developing metropolis with a mixture of the historical and modern buildings will be the first thing that comes to people’s mind. The historical buildings consist of many temples, pagodas,… meanwhile the modern ones include many high rises, commercial complexes…

2. Do you prefer old or new building?

Normally, I prefer contemporary buildings mainly because I am partial towards modernly delicate structure, especially many state-of-the-art high rises. Yet, old buildings make me feel so nostalgic wherever I pay them visits that modern building couldn’t.

3. Are historical building important?

Absolutely yes, historical buildings are actually important to every city, region and even country. They are the evidence of the past and it’s very crucial and practical for inheriting and passing on those knowledge to the next generations.


4. Would you like to live in an old building?

Though an olden building is likely to be an intriguing experience, I don’t think it’s a good choice to dwell. They have often been built for ages, which is unaffordable and secure for a modern life with many creature comforts around.