Speaking part 1 : rain

Speaking part 1 : rain


1. Do you like rain?

Generally speaking, I have a fancy for rain mainly because I have so many good memories in my childhood with my bestie in the rain. Yet, sometimes I feel rain really annoying when I have to go to school early or make a long travel. So it depends on my situations.

2. What do you do usually do when it rains?

It’s time for me and my buddies to play some outdoor games such as soccer, hide-and-seek… in the childhood when it chucks down. And now, rain is the opportune period for me to hang on to those wonderful memories.

3. How do people feel about rain where you live?

Well it depends. I believe young children have a preference for rain because they’re in favor of sport games under raining. Yet, for the labour, rain often prevents them from working continuously so they get easily pissed off by rain.

4. What do you think is worse, too much rain or not enough rain?

Both situations are unfavorable, but too much rain will be worse in my opinion. We can survive or manage to live in a drought but how could we get things done when it’s all under water?