Speaking part 1: your friends

Speaking part 1: your friends



1.  Are your friends mostly your age or different ages? Why?

Most of my friends are my own age. But yes, I have few friends who are senior to me and I can remember having 2-3 friends who are younger than I am. Basically most of my friends are from my college and that’s why naturally they are contemporary to me age. I have few friends from my locality and they became my friends mostly because we played together and shared common interest. Somehow in my locality young people prefer playmates of their ages. This is one of the main reasons they belong to my age group.

2.Do you usually see your friends during the week or at weekends? Why?

That depends and I see my college friends 7 days a week as we have classes together. I see them at weekend as well since we plan our holidays together very often. The friends who are already doing jobs mostly meet me on their weekends.

3.The last time you saw your friends, what did you do together?

Recently I went to watch a movie in a nearby cine complex with my friends. The Cineplex was showing a recent Hollywood movie and we planned to watch it together. On that day we also had our lunch together in a fast food chain shop and we also talked about the recent European Football league final game. Apart from that, we planned to attend a seminar that is likely to be arranged by our college and we agreed to do so on that day.

4.In what ways are your friends important to you?

My friends are very significant to me in many ways. Firstly they share many common interests that I have and that’s why I enjoy a lot talking to them and spending time with them. I never feel bored or get out of topics while I am with them and having a conversation or simply chitchatting. They are indeed very good friends of mine as they have often raised their helping hands in my crisis time.

My friends often plan activities that I find very exciting. They share their class notes and study materials with me and that’s very helpful for my studies. In fact friends are the persons with whom we can share everything and my friends listen to my thoughts very attentively. I play with them, study with them, share my thoughts and opinion and that’s why they have a very special place in my life.