Speaking part 2 - An important letter

Speaking part 2 - An important letter


Describe an important letter you received

You should say: 

Who wrote it 

What the letter was about 

How you felt about the letter 

and explain why it was important

The important letter I'd like to talk about is the one from my pen pal, on old man fifty years older than I am, who was a member of charity, looking for students of poor families and bringing them clothing as well as money donated by others.

Actually, I had several letters from him, most of which, however, got lost except for one, the first letter from him, which I keep till now. In the letter, he thanked my family for treating him at my home, shared his experience of visiting children in other areas in the past weeks after saying goodbye to me, gave me best wishes, and his wish for receiving my reply. The letter is important to me, for it brought me a special experience, somehow having much influence on my life. The letter saved in the bookshelf always reminds me of the day when we met and became friends. I was in grade five and on the day I was called to the teachers' office to sec a strange man, wearing a head of white hair. My teacher introduced him to me, saying he was impressed by the handwriting of mine showed in the exhibition of students' work. I was curious of making friends with a kind grandpa who told me he was a voluntary member of a charity organization after he retired as a lawyer. At that time, I had no much idea of charity, but heard of people donating to help children in poor, so I was glad to know him and more proud of being a friend of him who did good deeds.

By writing to him, I got to know more about him and his work, and was thankful for people like him, who offered help and hope to those in need. It's regretful that we lost contact, somehow, and the letter was the only memory for me