Speaking part 2 -Describe your favourite subject

Speaking part 2 -Describe your favourite subject

Back when I was in school, my favourite subject was history. I liked all kinds of history, and now I still do. I studied it every single year when I was in high school, from sixth through twelfth grade. And through all those times, I learned a lot of things. First, I learned about the important events in the history of my country and about the important people. In addition to that, I also learned about all kinds of people – politicians, inventors, soldiers, and even common everyday people who contributed to our history. I learned these things about other countries, too not just Vietnam. I like history a lot because I like to imagine and understand what life was like at different times. People have lived under different conditions during different periods of history, and they have different kinds of interests, motivations, and needs. In each period of history, the conditions of that time shaped the events. And personally, I think it’s interesting to learn about these things and it’s crucial to understand them. We are who we are today because of what our ancestors did. I’m still interested in history, and sometimes, in my free time, I read historical books.

Useful vocab
Contribute (v): To contribute something is to provide a part of the whole. When your company has their annual softball game and potluck picnic, you will probably be asked to contribute a dish, like your famous macaroni salad.
Condition (n): A condition is also a requirement or prerequisite for something. As a condition of your acceptance to college, you may have to maintain certain grades and do well on a standardized test.
Period (n): A period is all about defining when something begins and ends. Classperiods usually last about forty-five minutes.
Crucial (adj): The word crucial describes something that is important or essential to success, like the crucial dress rehearsals that ensure will run smoothly on your play’s opening night.
Ancestor (n): An ancestor came before. Your grandmother’s grandmother and any relative before her is one of your ancestors.

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