Speaking part 3 : Education

Speaking part 3 : Education

1. What are the difference between high school education and university education?

High school education is quite broad with a large number of subjects, among them Math, literature and English are compulsory, since this prepares all senior students with a wide range of basic understanding. Meanwhile, University education is much more specialized and students can choose most of their classes. The work is a lot more in-depth at university level as students choose a subject that they find particularly fascinating.

 2. In high school in VN, are there many opportunities for students to gain practical working experience? What about university?
 It is unfortunate that there are not many opportunities for high school students to gain practical work experience since the very importance of ademic study for their further education in universities. In university, however, there are many student leagues and social work opportunities, and sometimes students' grades are related with their practical work experience: the more social work they do, then the better grade they have.

3. what skills do you think are most important for young school leavers?
 When it comes to most important skills for young school leavers, punctuality should be the most prominent one for any of them. When an employee is known for his always lateness or permanent days off, he would be seen as unreliable andunlikely to be promoted, even be sacked. Furthermore, it's also important to be enthusiastic and adaptable to new situations since working can be very different to studying and you need to be able to adapt to a new situation and be enthusiastic about your work.

4. what work skills do you think will be most important in the future?
 Computer skills are considered to be top necessary in the future since computers will continue to play a vital role in all areas of the economy for the foreseeable future. Since more and more jobs require a computer to be done effectively, a large number of jobs are off-limits.