Mem bỏ túi những từ này đề tăng điểm từ vựng cho Task 2 mem nhé

1. In fact= actually, in actual fact, in effect, in reality, in truth, indeed, as a matter of fact, in point of fact, essentially, to all intents and purposes, in operation, successfully for practical purposes. 

2. Irony= satire, sarcasm, mockery, biting wit, insincerity, paradox, incongruity, contrariness, inconsistency, absurdity, contradiction, impossibility, irrationality, foolishness, craziness, ludicrousness, ridiculousness, senselessness, pointlessness, illogical, craziness, ludicrousness. 

3. Lavish= plentiful, abundant, generous, copious, bountiful, prolific, fulsome, extravagant, profligate, unrestrained, luxuriant, luxurious, copious, abundant, heap, pour, bestow, cover with

4. Life= existence, being, living, days, years, death, verve, vivacity, energy, soul. 

5. Logical= reason, judgment, sense, common sense, rational, reasonable, commonsensical, consistent, coherent,valid, plausible, obvious, understandable, most likely, clear, lucid, patent, plain, unambiguous unmistakable, apparent, visible, seeming, ostensible, deceptive, perceptible, conspicuous, manifest in full view. 

6. Lose= be unable to find, mislay, drop, be defeated, go down, be beaten, fail, suffer defeat, evade, give somebody the slip, leave behind, get away from, elude, waste, exhaust, be bereaved, suffer the loss of, squander misuse 

7. Low= near to the ground, low down, short, small, little, stumpy, depleted, at a low level, down, run down, short, in short supply, dwindling, minimal, muted, soothing, quiet, muffled, miserable, unhappy, gloomy, despondent, depressed, down in the dumps, sorry for yourself, fed up downcast, low point, depths. 

8. Marketing= advertising, promotion, selling, market, sell, marketplace, sale. 

9. Modern= contemporary, current, up to date, recent, new, present, fresh, prevailing, progressive, enlightened, forward-looking, avant-grade, advanced, fashionable, innovative, most recent, hottest, newest. 

10. Mother= look after, care for, protect, nurse, tend.

11. Movie= film, picture, motion picture, show. 

12. Nature= landscape, panorama, vista, surroundings, outlook, view, countryside, backdrop, earth, world, life, 

13. atmosphere, milieu, location, ecosystem, natural environment.

14. Need= require, call for, want, necessitate, could do with, have to, must, should, ought, essential, requirement, poverty, requisite, hardship, neediness, indigence, penury, destitution, adversity, demand, vital, indispensable, crucial, fundamental, basic, central, key, chief. 

15. Partner=associate, colleague, collaborator, co-worker, spouse, companion, wife, husband, mate, other half, affiliate, team up, unite, connect, link up. 

16. Pet= preferred, much loved, beloved, desired, darling, choice.

17. Play= engage in recreation, amuse yourself, have fun, fool around, participate, take part in, cooperate, join in, compete, recreation, games, fun, performance, dramatic piece, show, act.

18. Politics= Government, Political affairs, Affairs of state, Policy, Political principles, Political opinions, Political views. 

19. Put= place, set, lay, position, situate, locate, plant, deposit, leave, plunk.

20. Reserved= set aside, kept back, aloof, unfriendly, detached, diffident, forbidden, prohibited, restricted, confine, hamper, impede, keep a tight rein on.

21. Rise= go up, increase, climb, mount, get higher, ascend, augment, grow, upsurge, intensification, be apparent tower,come into view, materialize, spread, development, slope, bank.