Writing task 2 – Animals protection

Writing task 2 – Animals protection


Some people believe that we can use animals the way we want while others believe animals have rights and we must respect their rights. What is your opinion? Use specific reasons to support your point of view.

Animal rights is a topic that is very important to me. I simply think that everyone should have the decency to treat animals with kindness and respect, and not make them suffer in any way. I believe that animals deserve to live according to their own natures, without harm, abuse or exploitation.

It has been shown that animals are capable of feeling pain, hunger, thirst, loneliness, and kinship. It breaks my heart when I see people wearing fur. Fur belongs to its original owner. Some fur comes from animals caught in horrific traps called leg holds. Leg holds are spring-loaded steel jaws that clamp shut on an animal’s foot once it is sprung. It causes injuries and blood loss. Animals are stuck in these traps for hours and even days before the trapper comes to pick them up. Some animals try to chew and bite their own limbs off just to get out of it.

Fur also comes from ‘fur farms’. Millions of animals are killed each year in these farms. The farms force them to live in extremely close contact with the other animals, which is completely against their instincts. This lifestyle causes severe stress that can lead to cannibalism and self-mutilation. They are killed by poisonous gasses, electrocution, suffocation, and neck breaking.

Then there is also the subject of animal testing. Humans are important, but that does not give anyone the right to inflict endless pain and suffering on the animal, especially for stupid reasons like makeup testing. If animal testing were to stop now, the progress of medical progress would speed up, because the alternatives such as in-vitro techniques are less time-consuming, more accurate, and less expensive than using animals

In conclusion, I believe that we are not allowed to make animals suffer. Animals have rights and we must protect them under any circumstances.

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