Writing task 2 - Development

Writing task 2 - Development


It is suggested that everyone should have a car , a TV and a fridge. Do disadvantages of this development for society outweigh advantages?

Car, TV and fridge are amenities of our home life. In the absence of these home appliances, our life would become less convenient. Nevertheless, the fact that every one of us possesses a car, a TV and a refrigerator might exert adverse influences on our society in terms of traffic congestion and environmental pollution. Both sides of this issue will be analysed from multiple perspectives.

Undeniably, the benefits which we reap from these electrical household products are substantial. Functions of a fridge, for example, help food stay fresh longer, making our daily meals more delicious. Thanks to a car with family –friendly features, members in each family can enjoy quality time together such as travelling and going picnic. Televisions not only provide us with a lot of leisure options but also entertain our life in many different ways. With respect to this, our spiritual life has indeed been improved vastly due to such modern and convenient inventions.

However, by reason of benefits mentioned above, people often tend to overuse them without being aware of their side effects. Therefore, if everybody all over the world has a car, a TV or a fridge, this may put our living habitats at risk. Our globe would be heated up due to the daily release of a huge amount of energy into the air. Apart from this, traffic might also be congested frequently because there are too many vehicle owners driving their private cars rather than use public transport.

To my mind, whether this development does more harm than good mainly depends on the way that we use products. If people’s environmental awareness is high, they themselves will know how to use home appliances in the right manner.



Amenities of our home life: Những tiện nghi của cuộc sống

Home appliances: Thiết bị, đồ dùng gia đình

Exert adverse influences on something: Gây ra những tác hại cho thứ gì đó

Electrical household products: Sản phâm điện tử gia dụng

Family-friendly features: Những đặc điểm tiện lợi cho việc sinh hoạt trong gia đình của một sản phẩm nào đó

Overuse something: Lạm dụng, sử dụng quá nhiều

Heat up/ Heat something up: Làm nóng thứ gì đó

Environmental awareness: Nhận thức về môi trường